Sunday, 17 June 2012

Thursday 14th June

Today was going to be one of those days that just happen by and swiftly disappear without you even noticing. Meals were prepared, shopping was procured and privates were pampered. Other than that, there wasn’t much to report for this day.

Well actually there was this one thing...

Today, I put up my feet, relaxed and had



  1. It's a fair cop Guv... Seems legit :)

  2. Bloody Aussies. You can't help yourselves.

    Where are they exporting you to now?

  3. This all sounds wonderful! So romantic and adventurous! The Trafford Centre is a must, if you like shopping, plus there is a Selfridges there too. The only one outside of London, I believe. There's lots of eating establishments too, restaurants that serve food from all over. TGI Fridays is a particular favourite. : )

    1. Ah yes, the traffic centre (so called because of the congestion it causes), that temple to the ringing cash register. It is indeed a worthy day out but not really our scene.

      And by the way... Did you know that Selfridges don't sell fridges? LOL

  4. So what do your families think about your adventures? Or are they just planning the holidays they'll have with whoever moves? Much prefer the idea of holidays in Australia to the North of England!

    I think I'd find it too hard to leave children, of any age, unless I had their blessing.Or elderly parents too.

    Have you been put off by his family / children? Or are they going back too.

  5. no dependant children are being left, nor are elderly parents. our families are happy as long as we are happy.


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