Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Don't Panic!!!

Ok, wow, I am really going to the UK.  Up until now it all just seemed a little like a dream.  I have been so focussed on work and Madi lately.  I have been packed for 2 weeks now.  Repacked 3 times, ok, 4 times, but I am ready to go.  I am trying hard not to make extra work for myself by wanting things I really don’t need before I go.  You know the things like, ooo I need a pedicure, I really just need to repaint my toe nails, ooo I need new bras, sighs and I can’t find any I like.  I just need to chill out.

I need to focus on me right now and get through the day without having a panic attack.  I didn’t realise how bad the nerves would be.  I am travelling to see the love of my life, but I am just as nervous as I was when I was meeting him in person for the very first time.  It has been nearly 5 months since we have seen each other in person and I am returning to the place where I last said goodbye to him:  The same place that I lost all my composure and cried my eyes out, as he left through the departure gate.  I still feel the emotions I felt then as real as if I were back in that time now.  *sniffs*

I just need to get through today.

Stress remedy was taken this morning.  I have been up since 5.30am (21 hours until the flight leaves).  Why 5.30am you ask? Well the aim was to get into work early, so I could leave early and do any last minute things I needed to do.  Then there was the traffic to take into account. Do you know there was a car accident right in front of me this morning and in peak hour traffic? Do you think any bugger will let you in?? I got to work at 9am!!!

More stress remedy taken when I got to work.  Team meeting at 9.30am (17 hours until flight leaves), my head is just not here today. Jep codes blah blah.  People on leave blah blah.  I volunteered for a new added task, and was immediately overlooked.  Must keep this tactic in mind for the future, if I don’t want to do something I will volunteer first for it.  Good plan.

There’s still So much to do.  I feel like I am running out of time, but in reality I still have 10 hours after I finish work before my flight leaves.  1 hour travel time to the airport.  2 hours at the airport.  1 hour to finalise packing?  1 hour to shower and get ready.  Ok in reality I have 5 hours in which to play with, and I want to go see Madi before I go as well.  I wonder if her father will bring her over instead of me having to go over there?  I need to make that phone call.  Ok ex hubby just scored a few brownie points.  He is bringing Madi over after her school disco for a cuddle and a goodbye.

Oh and mum arrives in Brisbane this afternoon but we can’t seem to manage to meet up.  Just as well, she has a cold and I don’t need that.  Damn she is going to freeze down here atm.  Mum lives further north where it is warmer.  She is not going to like this cold weather at all.

Anyways I had better go get some work done.  They have loaded up my work queue expecting me to be productive today. HA HA HA HA.  I will do my best.

Written By Jodie (as indeed all red text will be. It's her journey now).


  1. I don't know what she's worried about. I mean I cleaned up and everything for her

  2. I can't see the point in her going over now you've done that. :rolleyes:

  3. New bras and a pedicure... He must be special.

    1. Oh I'm special alright... Jodie got me a window to lick for Christmas

  4. he he - what a great last day for you. Can't wait to read all about it Jodie and what your take on the Mother land is :) Have a great time!!

  5. new bras and a pedicure and in my case, hair done and manicure as well before my trip next month.....it's all part of the deal!

    1. i left out the waxing, and hair cut and colour was last saturday :)

  6. I can't believe you went to work on the day you were leaving - **derp**

    You girls didn't mention the other "bits" they require tending before a "big trip" such as this......... I guess that's what "pedicure" and "hair done" stands for....?


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