Monday, 6 February 2012

A Cliff Hanger Ending....

Snow joke this weather

Having been stranded at home now in bleakest, dreariest England for three weeks, without internet access I might add, I confess I have struggled to keep up with this blog somewhat. 

The last entry I did was made over at my sister’s gaff and while it bore no real relation to the matter in hand, it was a somewhat feeble (ok very feeble judging by the comments) attempt to help keep it running while waiting for a more fuller access to it to help move it better along. And then the snows came along with twelve inches in a single night and even that icy and hell under foot avenue was now being somewhat shut down to me.

I still had many things left to write about you see, like how absolutely awful it felt having to return to the UK without the woman I had so easily fallen head over heels in love with. There were to be pictures of Dubai and what I can only presume to be the Swiss Alps as I flew over them on my way back to be alone once more in my homeland. And even though the views from the plane were somewhat spectacular to say the least, it all fell into insignificance as I struggled to hold back the bittersweet tears in having to part from the woman of my dreams. Home was no longer to be old Blighty to me, home was where the heart was and that was way back in Brisbane.

Next I wanted to illustrate (this time with the help of Madi in photographs taken by Jodie in my absence) how forward thinking the Australian powers that be were in providing outdoor gym equipment and catering facilities on many of their public areas. It seems it is a way of life out there completely unmatched in many other areas of the world and it is quite refreshing to be able to live your life without the need for those dreaded recurring monthly gymnasium membership fees to worry about. And to trek out to the beach and have barbecue facilities at the ready would be simply unheard of in not so good old Blighty.

Don't mess with this one...
Ok, so personal trainers might be a little thin off the ground, but be you so inclined (which I might have been if I hadn’t put on so much weight in so little time while there), there is the means for all to go find the body beautiful at no additional cost. 

Add that to the inordinate amount of walking you can easily do and the added bonus of numerous beaches for exploring, boating, surfing, water skiing and even the odd touch of swimming at, it all adds up to a much healthier way of life and that can’t be a bad thing if it means having more time alive to go out and fully enjoy the place.

Boats, boats, boats, boats
And while on the subject of water, another entry would have been about the massive amount of boats there are there. Boats of all shapes and sizes from canoes; to full on rowing boats (lifeguard material); to SES rescue boats; to tow along power boats; to full on ocean going cruise boats. Hell there’s even the dreaded Noah’s Ark boats or very similar to be found there. And as if it wasn’t already bad enough looking at some of the larger more affluent houses we came across, it was a double whammy to see some of the boats if not shipping (some of them were really that big) moored alongside said houses, some of which probably cost as much as a four bed-roomed house again to boot.

Who beached that whale?
Another entry I wanted to make was to be about the Australian's ready acceptance of what can best be described as what is viewed in the UK as seemingly 'unworthy' complimentary medicines, which included various forms of massage therapies (without the happy ending I might add). 

And for the benefit of the people who have known me long enough, you will already know that I have been suffering from a long time shoulder injury. And at Jodie’s insistence, I was ‘encouraged (she grrr-ed at me a lot)’ to have a shot at what was termed ‘Bowen Therapy’. 

And while not entirely convinced, I went into it with a completely open mind, did the treatment, used the oils and bugger me it actually worked. After nearly three years of an immobile right arm, just two sessions with Wendy a registered therapist and a couple more with Jodhi, a friend of my Jodie’s practicing for her qualifications, I can happily report that my arm is now as good as new.

But more than any of these prior ‘would be’ posts, I wanted to take the opportunity to publicly re-announce to the world my true feelings for that magical dynamo of a woman, Jodie (Madame Dragonfly) Anderson who had from day one welcomed me into her homeland, fed and watered me, clothed me and showed me around while inadvertently becoming a real life soul mate and best ever life-long friend.

I love you so much my darling Jodie, you mean everything that is dear to me now and I will be coming back for you as soon as is humanly possible. And when I do return hopefully in or around June of this year sometime, I will, with hat in hand and on bended knee refer you to the more than apt markings on your work shirts as I ask, plead or even beg you to consider ...

Making the 'me' a 'we' as you 'opt' for 'us' (Optus – ok that bit could have been a little better)...

To have our 'networks united' ...

And hopefully say ‘yes’ to being my wife and the love of my life in the not too distant future, and for the rest of our days.

What I’m trying to say Jodie dragonfly, love of my life, my heart's desire, my whole reason for living as of the start of this blog (November 15th onwards) blah blah, in my (not so) best creative guise (needs more work I guess), is...

Will you please, please consider marrying me and being my bride in wedded bliss on my hasty return. Because it seems you were simply made for me. I have never before in my life met anyone who so easily ticked all the boxes, and I for one could not hope to meet anyone better nor indeed spend the rest of my life with anyone more suited to me as you so often proved yourself to be. 

I love you so much now my darling and best ever friend Jodie, and would consider it a great great privilege to spend the rest of my life being just a fraction as happy as we have been throughout this whole episode of our lives together. What say you make this the happiest blog of all time? And me the happiest man alive?


  1. congrats my sister and andy. I must say you should find a way to communicate a bit better when lines are down. Your bride to be needs to know your well. She loves you so much. I love you jodie and i am so glad you found your one. Hugs and love Your sister.

  2. is this where i get to make demands?

    1. I think after the last week you can make whatever you wish dont you agree? I am truly glad it is all back to normal. Now back to the normal program. I think also just tie him up and tell him he cant get free.

    2. well there is that... hand cuffs are harder to get out of... :)

  3. aye aye - look at this then...

    awww how sweet...

  4. Ummmm... I did make it clear that I said yes didn't I?

    I love you Andy, the only possible answer was yes I will marry you...

  5. Well what can i say.........Andy i havent even met you but i know you make my big sis very happy, so it makes the little sis smile.:)
    congratulations to you both!
    p.s i know where you live so be good to each other. lol

  6. Oh when I come visit I am going to have to hang out with the Brit too......I will make sure I have hook in hand (not the Capt Hook thing) just in case he gets out of line.....

    And as for you Missy (yes that would be Jodie)....I have to see this on Facebook and not hear it from you...I see how I rate....LOL

    1. facebook? who put this on facebook? i dont have facebook...

  7. OMG !!!!! JODIE ....We are so happy for you !!!! I was searching trying to find a current email address for you, when I came across this blog. I'm so glad I found you and so very happy for you both. Congratulations to you both !! Jodie you look SO HAPPY in these photo's I'm really glad you have found "HIM" (Andy).
    PS. Love to Maddi
    Would love to catch up via email or skype.
    Lots of Love
    Julie, Paul, Morgan and Eva

    1. holy crap!!! aren't you guys still in Japan?

      damn girl i haven't heard from you in ages!!!

  8. Congratulations you crazy kids! Be good to our special Dragonfly Andy, we think a lot of her.

  9. Congrats Andy and Jodie!!!

    Did not realise that the Optus logo's could be so romantic. Well done Andy very creative!

    Susan H

  10. Alright, either I forgot to pay for my internet service or this blog has come to a screeching halt.

    Where are you Andy?!! :-)

  11. i think this should be brought back to life when i hit the UK to continue our story... or maybe even a new one brought to life :)

  12. haha you asked for it's coming!


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